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    • The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

      Ministry of Health Turkey certified surgeon with more than 13+ experience in implanting perfection. Leading hair restoration clinic in Turkey, faultless techniques hair transplant yielding the best natural results.

    • The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

      Dr. Aytac Ertuna performs 1-2 daily surgeries for optimal care. Backed by an expert team, he operates in a modern, sea-view clinic to achieve natural results.

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    Hair Voyage Turkey Best Turkish Hair Implant Service

    Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey/ Antalya 2023

    Dr. Aytac Ertuna, a distinguished expert in hair transplantation, with an impressive background. Graduating from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, he honed his skills in Vienna and Frankfurt before returning to Turkey. With over 13 years of experience, Dr. Ertuna excels in both DHI and FUE-Channel techniques, offered by the most experienced teams in Turkey for over a decade. 

    His personalized approach ensures natural and effective results for each patient. Your operation takes place in our modern, Ministry of Health-certified clinic. Dr. Ertuna is synonymous with perfection in hair transplantation, offering precision and flawless results. For those seeking a reliable solution to restore their hair, Dr. Aytac Ertuna is the top choice.

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    Free consultation with Dr. Aytac Ertuna, operation’s morning.
    He is implanting Happiness!

    Pre operation consultation with Dr.Aytac Ertuna. What does the process look like?

    • Clearing all the doubts about before
      and after the operation.
    • Hair channel opening process is
      performed under the supervision of Dr.Aytac Ertunam.
    • Experience premium transportation services from arrival to all Antalya transfers.
    • All processes before and after the
      operation are carried out in the presence of interpreters.

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