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    • The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

      Ministry of Health Turkey certified surgeon with more than 13+ experience in implanting perfection. Leading hair restoration clinic in Turkey, faultless techniques hair transplant yielding the best natural results.

    • Hair transplant turkey, Antalya

      Dr. Aytac Ertuna performs VIP operations, 1-2 Operations per day, an experienced hair transplant team, a modern, sea view and sterile clinic, and natural hair results.

    More about Dr. Aytaç Ertuna

    Hair Voyage Turkey Best Turkish Hair Implant Service

    Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey/ Antalya 2023

    Dr. Aytac Ertuna is a distinguished expert in the field of hair transplantation and has an impressive background that highlights his expertise. After graduating from Turkey’s most prestigious medical faculty (Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty), he brought the knowledge and experience he gained over the years in Vienna (Austria) and Frankfurt (Germany) to Turkey and has been offering it to his patients in Turkey for many years. With over 13 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Ertuna has perfected his skills.

    What distinguishes Dr. Ertuna from others is that he has been applying both techniques (DHI and Fue-Channel), which are currently the most popular in the world, in his clinic with the most experienced teams in Turkey for more than 10 years. His extensive expertise and personalized treatment options allow him to evaluate individual needs and choose the technique that promises the most natural and effective results for each patient. Your operation will be VIP with Dr. Aytac Ertuna. With his level of experience, it is not difficult for him to achieve the desired result. Your operation will be performed in our modern, sterile, sea view clinic licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    In the field of hair transplantation, Dr. Ertuna is synonymous with perfection. Its precision and determination to deliver flawless results make it a reliable choice for those looking for a solution to get their old Hair back. If you are looking for a successful, experienced professional in this field, Dr. Aytac Ertuna is undoubtedly the best choice.

    Hair Voyage Turkey

    Stem cell hair transplant

    The stem cell hair transplant technique involves using a patient’s own stem cells to stimulate hair growth. This innovative procedure harnesses the regenerative capabilities of stem cells to encourage the growth of new, healthy hair follicles, resulting in a more natural and long-lasting solution for hair restoration.

    Classic FUE Hair Transplant

    Follicular unit extraction is performed by removing individual hair follicles from a donor site in groupings (1-4 hairs) and then implanted in the hair loss area. Using slit for incisions.

    DHI Hair Transplant

    DHI Hair Transplant is the process of extracting hair follicles from the donor area by utilizing a micromotor and then transplanting them into the receipt site using a pen-like device that contains a hollow needle.

    Anesthesia & Natural

    We do your operation needleless anesthesia firstly. It reduces pain by 70%. If you want to have a natural look, you are in the right place for hair transplantation.

    For a New Life


    Free consultation with Dr. Aytac Ertuna, operation’s morning.
    He is implanting Happiness!

    Pre operation consultation with Dr.Aytac Ertuna. What does the process look like?

    • Clearing all the doubts about before
      and after the operation.
    • Hair channel opening process is
      performed under the supervision of Dr.Aytac Ertunam.
    • VIP transportation service starting
      from the arrival and all transfers in Antalya
    • All processes before and after the
      operation are carried out in the presence of interpreters.

    What The Patients Say

    Best results, amazing doctors, and professional trichologists.

    The decision to go with Doctor Aytaç was life-changing. He didn’t let me feel like a patient but a friend. The staff is professional and friendly. I got amazing results in 5 months.


    We’ ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

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