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Hair Supplements

Xpecia Tablet

The product is a wide-spectrum anti hair loss tablet. It is developed in a special tablet form suitable for hair loss in men and women. It contains Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid, Zinc, L-Cystine, Methionine, Keratin and Isoflavone to stop hair loss in a short time and induce growth of new hairs. Hair loss should be handled as a disease and proper scientific products should be used. All active ingredients of Xpecia are raw materials with scientifically proven efficiency. We necessarily advise all our patients to use dietary supplements containing these and similar vitamins particularly for the first 6 months following hair transplantation.

HairForte Sprey

Procapil and specially formulized herbal active ingredients available in Hairforte spray dilate the capillaries nourishing the roots and allow for better nourishment of the roots. Scientific studies have revealed that 3% Procapil creates the same effect of 5% Minoxidile. 3% Procapil induces hair roots where applied like Minoxidil and improves the quality of weak hair strands. Improvement of the quality of the body hairs, which may particularly pose a problem for women, is not observed in Procapil.

Its Effect on DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

As is known, DHT hormone damages hair roots, causing hair loss. The Procapil available in 3% concentration of Hairforte inhibits 5-Alpha reductase enzyme and prevents DHT generation to a great extent. Furthermore, it forms a collagen barrier in hair roots to inhibit the damaging effect of DHT that might be generated in a little amount on the roots. As it only locally inhibits the DHT generated in hair roots and the sebaceous gland in hair roots, it has no side-effect in the body.

Its effects on the nourishment of hair roots

1% biotin (Vitamin B7 – Vitamin H) available in the formula of Hairforte improves hair quality and accelerates further hair growth by extending anagen. The package contains both spray and dropper. As HairVoyageTurkey, we advise our hair transplantation patients to use HairForte along with Dermoroller particularly after the 6th month.

Proscar Tablet 5 mg

This is actually a medicine used for the treatment of prostate enlargement. Proscar contains finasteride just like Propecia or Alofin. There is 1 mg finasteride in Propecia and Alofin whereas there is 5 mg finasteride in Proscar. There is a significant price difference between them.

Should Proscar or Propecia be preferred?

I think Proscar or its alternative Dilaprost should certainly be preferred for the following reasons;

– It is 90% cheaper while it contains the same active ingredients. – While cosmetics cannot be subject to audits, Proscar can be audited by the Ministry of Health in terms of ingredients as it is sold by a pharmaceutical license. – As it is classified as a medicine, its manufacturing processes are more scientific. – As a single box will endure 3 times longer, there are fewer risks to forget to take the medication.
– It is more widespread and will be available in any pharmacy.
¼ (a quarter) tablet a day will be sufficient. Using more than a quarter tablet a day may cause a decrease in libido.

Biotin Tablet 5mg

Biotin is the other name of Vitamin B7 which has a significant effect on hair, nail and skin quality. It is also called as Vitamin H. Biotin is in form of 5 mg (5000mcg) tablets. Minimum duration for use should be 3-4 months in order to achieve a high quality change in hair. It is recommended to use 1 tablet a day.

Biotin can be used as a dietary supplement as a support for treatment in problems such as hair loss or nail quality loss for various reasons (due to metabolic disorders such as various diseases and dietary practices, endocrine diseases, vitamin deficiencies, severe stress disorders or other similar diseases).

It is also used to reduce shock hair loss following hair transplantation and to facilitate earlier and high quality hair growth.


We particularly advise our patients to use 0.5 or 0.75 mm-length 540-needle dermorollers. Patients who have not undergone hair transplantation are advised to apply for 5 minutes once a day and patients who have undergone hair transplantation are advised to apply for 5 minutes every other day for 6 months following transplantation and if possible, together with Hairforte spray. Dermoroller induces micro traumas on the scalp and in hair roots, promotes blood build up in hair roots to allow for better nourishment and thickening of the hair. Outstanding results are observed following at least 3-4 month practices. However, we absolutely do not advise it to be applied in the first months following hair transplantation.

Best Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Except for medical shampoos that are used for the diseases of the scalp, all shampoos are used for the cleaning of the hair. A product that is washed away 3 minutes after it is applied to hair cannot generate an anti-hair loss effect. No shampoo can stop hair loss. We advise our patients to use a baby shampoo (the one containing the least amount of chemicals) for 6 months to 1 year following the hair transplantation operation and to use virgin oil or laurel soap afterwards.