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The most important tips before your decision

Thank you in advance for your interest in HVT Clinic. Our patients mostly ask us how they should choose the doctor or clinic for hair-transplantation. We would like to answer your questions by giving some suggestions and guidance.

If you want to have hair transplantation

1- Avoid any clinic or doctor who states that they will perform hair transplantation for a price lower than €1500.

2- Check the pre- and post-operation photos taken by the hair transplantation clinic. Ask how long the clinic has been operating as a hair transplantation centre.

3- Ask the age and the length of experience of the team members who perform the operation.

4- Ask whether the operation will be supervised by a physician and ask the speciality field of the physician.

5-Ask where the operation will be performed and whether the clinic is residential, an office or apartment.

6- Ask whether the materials to be used in the hair transplantation are disposable or not. If not, ask how they are handling the sterilization process. For example, ask whether they have an autoclave. (You don’t need to ask this of those who are performing hair transplantation in an hospital environment).

7- Stay away from companies that do not have a fixed pricing policy. You can understand this by sending (at different times) photos of 2 different persons suffering from the same type of hair loss and getting individual price quotes for them.

8- If you have trust in the company, yet have some concerns, tell them that you want to talk to their patients.

9- Search the Web, social media and forum websites to see whether there are any complaints about the company.

10- Majority of the comments available on the company’s website may not be real.

11- Do not credit exaggerated statements and persuasion efforts like “it will be wonderful, perfect. We are the best. We are so… We have been doing this job for … years.” Etc etc.

12- Do not choose a company just because of the fact that your friend or relative got a favorable result in their hair transplantation experience there. Gain information about other companies too as each individual is unique.  Do your research.

13- Ask whether they offer translation services in your language. Ask who is to accompany you at pre-operation and post-operation stages.

14- If you are suffering from diabetes, a cardiac or infectious disease or if you are using a blood thinner, make sure to inform them about it in advance.

15- Ask whether they are performing a pre-operational examination.

16- Ask who will perform the PRP treatment along with the operation and which tools will be used in this process.